Forming and Directing an Armed Terrorist Group

The heaviest allegation is forming and directing an Armed Terrorist Group. That is, as the Chief of the General Staff, he is both commanding an army of 700.000 soldiers and directing a terrorist group. The 19th question asked when he was called to testify was; “Are you a member of the Ergenekon Armed Terrorist Organization? Did you carry out any activities

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Internet Andice (Memorandum)

What is Andice? An andice is a study prepared by the headquarters in order to get the decision of the commander for a matter. Andice alone is not an order, it is necessary to prepare and issue an application order after getting the decision of the commander. When was the Internet andice prepared? The andice, which is the subject of

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Alleged Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism

Is General Staff given a task to prepare a plan such as “Alleged Action Plan to Fight Reactionaryism”? No, it isn’t. Because the tasks, “Fight Strategy for Reactionary Activities” dated May 18, 2000 and “Additional Action Plan to Fight Strategy for Reactionary Activities” dated October 28, 2004, assigned by the Prime Ministry were being performed. General Staff is responsible to perform the tasks

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